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HAWKEN Heads to PAX East 2013

HAWKEN Heads to PAX East 2013

You won't be able to swing a corded gaming mouse without hitting a HAWKEN game station at PAX East 2013. Meteor Entertainment, along with industry leaders such as ASUS, Logitech, and Machinima will all have HAWKEN matches running throughout the weekend.

Meteor Booth Highlights

Come look for us at booth #1080 to get cool HAWKEN swag and chat with some of the people behind the game. You can play HAWKEN, sign up for the open beta, check out the full-size mech towering over the booth, and get your picture taken wearing a HAWKEN pilot helmet. We'll have:
  • Twelve Alienware X51 game stations, decked out with Logitech headsets, gaming mice, and G710 gaming keyboards, with graphics optimized on NVIDIA GPUs, playing head-to-head HAWKEN deathmatches.
  • Free HAWKEN/Machinima beanies and HAWKEN postcards with codes for 5000 HAWKEN Credits.
  • HAWKEN T-shirts and the HAWKEN: Genesis graphic novel on sale.
  • Stamps for your Alienware PAX East Scavenger Hunt card at our reception counter.
Play HAWKEN with Industry Leaders

Several leaders in the computer gaming industry love HAWKEN so much they're going to let people play the game in their booths as well. Check out everywhere you can play HAWKEN at PAX East:
  • Six HAWKEN game stations at the ASUS booth (#762). ASUS is also hosting HAWKEN tournaments throughout the weekend and giving away codes for HAWKEN Credits to winners.
  • Two HAWKEN game stations at the Logitech booth (#1056). Logitech will also have six more HAWKEN game stations at the PAX East LAN area.
  • Four HAWKEN game stations at the Machinima booth (#712/613). Machinima will also be giving away the HAWKEN/Machinima beanies and HAWKEN postcards with codes for free HC.
Even More HAWKEN Coolness at PAX East

In addition to all of the places you can play HAWKEN at PAX East, two other industry leaders plan to give away cool HAWKEN stuff and show off how amazing the game looks on their gear.
  • Gunnar (booth #374) will be giving away HAWKEN swag bags to 20 lucky people throughout the weekend. These bags have HAWKEN hats, iPhone cases, and stickers.
  • We Love Fine (booth #593) will be selling HAWKEN T-shirts and handing out HAWKEN postcards with codes for free HC.
PAX East HAWKEN Fan Offer

If that's not enough PAX East HAWKEN excitement for you, take a look at the special treat we have for all our PAX East fans (even those who can only be there in spirit) at PlayHAWKEN.com/PAXEast2013

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Jealous....I want to go =(

View PostDER3Z, on March 19 2013 - 04:29 PM, said:

Jealous....I want to go =(
Imagine my situation, it is on another continent to me. :D
All I want is news on the Mek-Fu controller!

Station for Oculus Rift? **wink wink**
I am glad to say I survived Boston and PAX East.  My compliments to the Hawken team for a great game and a great presence at the convention.  Also, thanks for the beanie and I hope to see you guys again at Prime.