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Dev Update - September 19th

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We’ve started a pretty big data layer upgrade that should improve sync times and make things more manageable.  It should also help prevent future data-related issues.  This upgrade improves some tech pieces and it unifies the Storm services code base across all platforms.  All that work we put into Storm while porting to console finally starts to make its way over to the PC J  The goal had been to do this upgrade sometime in the next few weeks, but when some issues related to HC/MC/XP and missing mechs popped up over the last week it made us want to push it sooner, and today turned out to be the best time slot.  There’s no sense in putting off something that can be done now!  Sorry about the late notice… and we were all excited to kick off a new era in dev updates!!


So far things are going smoothly and we still anticipate the upgrade will be done by this afternoon.  When you log in after this upgrade it will take a bit of time for some things to get set up for your account; typically that takes 5 seconds, but we’ve seen up to 2 minutes for the largest accounts.  During that time, you will receive a message in your client when you submit your credentials; just keep trying.  After that one-time experience, you should see faster sync times, fewer “sync errors”, fewer cases where stats fail to write after a match, AND, hey hey… for those super-vet accounts that have not been able to log in for a long time, now would be the time to try again ;)  Promo codes will not be fully functional for a little while after this upgrade completes, since we have to migrate them over separately.  Most other systems should remain in good shape, though we’ll keep you updated.


If you hit any  issues, submit a support ticket with as much detail about what you saw, what you expected to see, anything strange with your account.  We’ll get it all fixed up.


For the console side of things, we’ve got the last fixes submitted, and certification testing should be underway very soon.  Once that’s all been verified and approved we will be launching the first Content Update.  We’ll have some more details on what that includes when it hits.


Current development this week and last week has been on framerate optimization and stability.  The biggest offender to framerate is in the UI.  You can really see this with older graphics cards and integrated Intel GPUs.  We’ve essentially hammered out all the GPU-specific slowdowns at this point, so the focus now is finding and fixing CPU-specific bottlenecks.

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