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Dev Update - December 12

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What a journey it’s been for us. Four years ago on this day, Hawken for PC was launched. The game’s been through a lot. Hawken has changed hands on multiple occasions, through several developers and publishers, and has a ton of history behind it. Communities have grown, friendships have been built, and coolest of all, the game somehow survived even after all it’s been through.

Hawken was first announced to be ‘still alive’ and acquired by Reloaded on March 14, 2015 - a time when most thought the game was no more. Players were thrilled to see some changes to Hawken for PC, around the same time, the initial talks of Hawken for modern consoles was talked about and researched some time after.

We’re planning on some really cool stuff for 2017 in Hawken. Yes, I know that meme has been beaten to death, and ‘2017 Will Be a Really Good Year for Hawken’™ but we honestly think that the stuff we are putting together will restore some confidence to the PC playerbase and improve the health of all platforms in general.

There will be mainly retention-focused updates - things that will make you want to play Hawken more, instead of tossing it to the wayside. We will also be putting in additional polish to the new player experience, more internals, new Mechs, new primary weapon options, new cosmetics, and more. And eventually - the PC relaunch will happen with all of the goodies from consoles. Pretty cool, right?

Oh - one thing we are rolling out soon:

Matchmaking Range Adjustments, but with a MMR high/low-end cutoff.

You will be able to join servers that are x (number to be determined per platform) or higher MMR regardless of your individual matchmaking rating. We feel as though this adjustment will improve the experience for all players in Hawken as the playerbase is not big enough to support huge MMR differentials at this time. Please note that this will apply to the server browser and matchmaking queue, though you may encounter some issues joining servers that are below the cutoff through the server browser. This matchmaking update will be going live on XB1/PS4/PC and will simply ‘just happen’. So if you notice you can join more games, that’s why!

Lastly, we have some more cosmetics coming in the following weeks - be on the lookout for the return of the Chinese New Year cosmetics on PC, and be on the lookout for more holiday cheer coming your way to consoles very soon.

Until next time,

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