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Matchmaker Updates

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This afternoon we launched some Matchmaker changes to the PC platform that should improve the experience of getting into games.  And if it doesn't, then we have a bunch more knobs and dials to improve it, and we have a ton more data points we've added to the telemetry, so we can better spot exactly where the problem is.


This update also puts into play an improved way of hosting our back end services that will pay off over time.  And, yes, this update will be rolled out to the console platforms sometime in the next few weeks.




Here is a quick list on some of the behaviors you should see while trying to join games:


- There is now a High-skill tier, meaning you should be able to always join a match when you are at or above that MMR threshold at any time.  The matchmaker will take a stab at putting you in the closest-possible game first though.  Right now, it's set at 1750 MMR, so let us know what you think it *really* should be ;)


- Players above 1380 should never be matched to servers below 1270.  Hoping to protect our brand new players with this one ;)


- Generally, low-skill players should be able to join higher-skill servers via the server browser, but higher-skill players will generally not be able to join low-skill servers via the server browser, except for BotsTDM.  Chime in on this topic.


- "Region expansion" - The matchmaker will start to look at surrounding regions' games if there are no available matches in your selected region.  After "too long", it will consider matches worldwide.  I expect this to be something we will modify and tune, so be sure to post your experiences and opinions.


- If you have been waiting "too long" to join a game mode that requires some minimum threshold of players to be present, the matchmaker is now willing to seed a new server with you as the first pilot.  I can see some opportunity for this to have some negative consequences, so be sure to mention anything exceptionally distasteful.


- BotsTDM has been added to the mix for the "Any Game Mode" selection.




We hope these changes will help alleviate problems associated with low-CCU conditions since the matchmaker will now actually consider surrounding skills and regions.  Additionally, given the new hosting structure, we should be able to roll out updates to the matchmaking code a lot more easily, so there's that ;)


We've got our telemetry page up and we'll be reviewing it as more data comes in, so along with your feedback and experiences,  we'll be able to make ongoing improvements.


Join the discussion here: https://community.pl...hmaker-updates/



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