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Matchmaker Updates v2

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We just launched some more matchmaker updates based on feedback over the past 24 hours.  Here they are (prepare for some reuse of internal variable names)



  • Region Expansion is now *only* experienced by players below the "segregationHigh" threshold (now set to 1450, up from 1380 before).  This means the matchmaker will only consider surrounding regions' matches for new-ish or lower-skill users, but only if they have been waiting in queue for longer than 34 seconds.  Worldwide matches will be considered after waiting for 85 seconds (but not for players above 1450).
  • High-skill players will not be permitted to join servers that are below the "segregationHigh" threshold, currently set to 1450.  We were seeing the skill spread from joining matches via the server browser regularly being more than 500MMR higher than the server (sometimes much higher), while via the queue it was on average 60 points below the server threshold.  This should notably help prevent the dilution of the high-skill pool.
  • We added some more granularity to telemetry.
  • As mentioned above, the "segregationLow" threshold has been bumped up to 1340 (from 1270) and the "segregationHigh" threshold has been bumped up to 1450 (from 1380).
  • Region expansion will start to happen after 34 seconds (up from 22), and expansion to global server consideration will happen after 85 seconds (up from 63).
  • Tweaked some deployment scripts to make future updates even smoother.



Expectations are that we will see tighter MMR spreads for matches, fewer "global expeditions" to servers far afield for you, and some slightly longer queue times (on average).  So, give us some feedback on your experiences, *especially* if you're brand new to Hawken :)






Join the discussion here: https://community.pl...ker-updates-v2/

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